Endometriosis 101

This site is intended to be a helpful, informative location for women suffering from or seeking information on Endometriosis.

We will take a look at the common symptoms of endometriosis as well as the cause and treatment of endometriosis. We are supporters of the natural herbal treatment of Endometriosis and we have included information for you if you should decide that it is the best option for you. There is also a Testimonials section with stories of success and struggle.

Herbal Remedies vs. Mainstream Drugs

Natural herbal treatment of endometriosis is becoming more and more common and it is not difficult to find an herbal cure for endometriosis that is both cheaper and more effective. So then why don’t doctors recommend this avenue of treatment? Simply put, there’s no money in it. The reason a mainstream drug can be marketed is because it can be patented and corner the market. But for an herbal remedy to be patented it must first be chemically altered which can, and often does, cause terrible side effects. Unfortunately many doctors will continue to proscribe these drugs despite the side effects. Not because they want to hurt you or anybody else, we firmly believe that the medical field is full of people who want to help you. They do this simply because it is what they have been taught. Your most valuable weapon against endometriosis or any ailment is your ability to think for yourself. Look into the research, read through the data (yes, you are smart enough), don’t just take the doctors word for it and don’t be afraid to ask big questions. We're not saying that this will put you in control of the situation or the illness, but it will show you why the doctors believe what they do and help you understand their decisions, this in turn will help you make yours.

As you browse through this site write down the questions that are brought to mind. If this site does not answer those questions as fully as you would like, then we encourage you to keep looking until you are satisfied or e-mail us and we will do out best to answer them fully.

Please see our new website on endometriosis.

We hope you that you do find this site helpful, informative, and enjoyable.


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